Fleet Wraps And Graphics

Specializing in multiple vehicle fleets, Royal Robot Designs offers services that will place the ease in marketing your fleet with your brand. Fleet graphics are the perfect  way  to advertise your company without having to spend top dollar for other common forms of advertising. For a fraction of  the cost of a billboard or t.v./radio spot you would be provided years of advertising as opposed to a month to month contract and still retain the amount of impressions to help  your business be recognized, grow and gain the return on your investment.

Fleet wraps would consist on two or more vehicles wrapped at a time. Whether you have two or twenty vehicles Royal Robot Designs will log each vehicle, take accurate surveys to create accurate design templates and can help you design or redesign your branding artwork. Specifications for each vehicle will be stored digitally on our secure servers that can be utilized each time re-branding or a new advertisement is needed for your fleet.

Vehicle advertising campaigns for trailers, box trucks, mobile billboards and buses are also considered a part of fleet graphics. If you have a small or large fleet that you are selling advertising on for specific contracted time frames we can ensure that all graphics will be accurate and meet your clients expectations.

We will ensure the quality of your fleet through high-resolution print utilizing the newest technology and certified installation teams.