Graphics Removal

Faded, cracking, burned and peeling graphics are not only unsightly but can also give the wrong impression to any potential or existing customers. Proper care is key when it comes to the longevity of your graphics. When the time comes to remove graphics, call Royal Robot Designs!

Graphics removal can be a dirty and cumbersome task. With the proper techniques and equipment we will make short work of removing your graphics while doing our best to preserve the paint or wrapped surface. We take care in properly removing old graphics whether you are replacing them with a new wrap or are looking to sell your vehicle. Let us handle the dirty work for you.

We pride ourselves in working with some of the most difficult removals but not all wraps are created or installed equally. The lower the quality of material the more difficult it is to remove and more time it will take, ultimately resulting in a higher removal charge and possible paint damage. Before it gets too bad let us take a look at it and advise what best course of action you should take.

Contact us today to remove those old, unsightly and possibly damaging graphics!